Jessy Eubanks


Jessy Eubanks is a composer studying at the University of Texas at Austin. Scroll down to see some of Jessy's projects, or browse the tabs for more information. Thanks for stopping by!

Most Recent:

XOR: a chamber opera

XOR is a chamber opera written by Jessy Eubanks, recently premiered in the Cohen New Works Festival. Stay tuned for video and recordings!


Inspired by Oregon

"and we go" was written at the Clear Creek Music Festival in Halfway, Oregon. 



“Listen louder than you speak”

A simple composition for electric guitar and bass, with some live loop manipulation. Each player can hear the other, but not themselves.

About the piece

“Listen louder than you speak” is about communication. I provided some basic material, but the real piece happens in the improvisation between players. They are truly listening louder than they speak, as the only thing they can hear in their headphones is what the other player is doing and a metronome. I chose this title because I feel the most important part of having a conversation with somebody is listening to what they say. Often, people seem to just be waiting for their turn to speak, instead of really listening to what the other person is saying. This piece is based on “A mathematical theory of communication”, and my music interprets the mathematical part of communication to be digital bits, shown in the use of the electric instruments. There is also a looping component, which is done in Ableton Live.

Read about Jessy's process in "Trio for senses", based on Ann Hamilton's art "ONEEVERYONE" in Aether Art Magazine